Soprano ICE laser

      Soprano ICE laser is a new-generation enhanced diode laser for pain-free hair removal, Alma lasers-ABC lasers (Israel)

      Soprano ICE uses a completely NEW patented SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology for safe, effective and practically painless laser hair removal.

      SHR – Super hair removal technology emits less heat; however, its faster access to the deeper layers of the skin guarantees the best results for lighter and thinner hair. In addition, the skin is cooled with a sapphire-coated nozzle in order to protect the surface of the skin surface from the sensation of heat, so the procedure is painless and it can even feel cold against the skin!

      For LONG LASTING hair removal we use gold standard Alexandrite lasers from Candela Medical USA. We are the only ones in Lithuania to have the latest and even 3 models: the GentleMax Pro Plus, GentleMax Pro and GentleLase Pro. Unwanted hair is removed FOREVER!

      A lower-cost alternative is diode laser treatment: Hair removal with the most powerful and latest GentleMax Pro Plus, GentleMax Pro and GentleLase Pro Alexandrite lasers

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