We invite you to visit our clinic and take advantage of this month’s promotions! Choose a proposal from a list:

      The greatest experience, lower prices, gifts. Forget about regrowth hair with the most powerful Alexandrite lasers!

      DISCOUNTS UP TO 100% on acquiring procedure packages – you will remove hair from one of the most popular areas for FREE, also GIFTS will be waiting for you!

      Hair Removal packages with better price:

      1) Perform laser hair removal in BIKINI area (80 € Classic / 100 € Brazilian) and remove hair in the ARMPIT area for FREE during the first procedure, and 50% of discount for the next hair removal procedures in the armpits area.

      2) Perform laser hair removal in LEGS area (includes: thighs, knees, shins, toes) (220 €) and optional laser hair removal in BIKINI Classic / Brazilian (80-100 €) or ARMPIT (79 €) areas will be for FREE. The GIFT – laser depilation for upper lip (35 €) or chin (49 €) area.

      3) Perform laser hair removal in SHINS area (100 €) and BIKINI Classic / Brazilian (80-100 €) area and get the hair removal of ARMPIT (79 €) for FREE.

      4) Perform laser hair removal in LEGS area (includes: thighs, knees, shins, toes) (220 €), BIKINI Classic / Brazilian (80-100 €) area and ARMPIT (79 €) hair removal at a special price ONLY 299 € instead of 379-399 €. GIFTS: laser depilation for the upper lip (35 €) or chin (49 €) and a Platinum Loyalty Card with a 25% discount on the following additional areas. The discount also applies to ALL laser procedures performed at the clinic.

      5) Perform laser hair removal for BIKINI Classic / Brazilian (80-100 €) or ARMPIT (79 €) area and get optional hair removal procedure for up to 49 € for FREE.

      6) Remove hair in the facial area and we will give you a GOLDEN LOYALTY CARD that will give you 20% DISCOUNT on hair removal and other laser procedurers performed at the clinic!


      Perform laser hair removal on the BACK (145 €) and SHOLDERS (74 €), and remove hair for FREE in ARMPIT area (79 €).

      Perform laser hair removal on CHEST (84 €) and ABDOMEN (80 €) area, and remove hair in ARMPIT area (79 €) for FREE.

      Other special offers & GIFTS (without acquiring the hair removal packages)

      The first hair removal procedure is subject to a 25% discount (this discount does not apply to hair removal packages).

      Value of Loyalty Cards:

      a Golden Loyalty Card as a GIFT with 20% discount on all the course of procedures when performing hair removal in 3 areas;
      a Platinum Loyalty Card as a GIFT with 25% discount on all the course of procedures when performing hair removal in 4 or more areas.
      The terms of promotional packages apply to all the course of 4 – 6 procedures. The prices quoted are for one procedure.

      15, 20, 25% discounts of Loyalty Cards of Era Esthetic clinic services will apply to ALL other laser procedures also.

      Additional value – 15, 20, 25% discounts on professional cosmetics of Era Esthetic Professional Aesthetic and Medical Company when purchasing cosmetics at Era Esthetic clinics in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda and Era Esthetic shopping hall in Vilnius Akropolis. *Discounts don’t sum up.

      Note: Discounts on different promotions and loyalty cards do not sum up.

      Era Aesthetic dermatologists and beauty therapists are the first in Lithuania to start the hair removal with Alexandrite laser, the greatest experience – 12 years, reliability and efficiency of procedures for you!


      Click here for more information about hair removal procedures with Alexandrite laser.

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      LOWER PRICES for Thermage CPT, pigmentation and capillaries removal with laser!

      • Thermage CPT non-surgical facelift in ERA ESTHETIC AVENUE clinics in Vilnius and Kaunas! The thermolifting procedure is an alternative to plastic surgery, and the effect of facelift can last up to 3-5 years, depending on the physiological properties of the body. Dreaming of looking younger, but hesitant to have surgery? The solution is here – Thermage CPT! SPECIAL PRICE – face + dewlap – 1969 € , instead of 3100 € (you save 1131 €), face, eye area, neck and décolleté 2799 € , instead of 4229 € (you save 1430 €), upper and lower eyelids, area around the eyes, correction of wrinkles around eyes 700 € instead of 869 € (you save 169 €), lips and area around your lips 650 € , instead of 869 € (you save 219 €).
      • Or maybe you are suffering from pigmented spots ? This is no problem, we will also help you here – our clinic removes pigmentation with the strongest Alexandrite laser – it effectively removes all skin pigmentation changes: melasma or chloasma – so called “pregnancy spots”, brown, sun / age spots, freckles, seborrheic keratoses, café – au lait – bleached coffee and other pigmented spots. SPECIAL PRICE for the entire face area – 199 euros (instead of 534 euros).
      • At this time of year, it is time to remove your troublesome redness and capillaries – and in this case, we can cheer you up! Capillaries, redness, and generally speaking – everything red, is removed by us with the Gold Standard VBeam Perfecta laser, which also stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic structures, which strengthens the weak connective tissue of the reddening skin and reduces the visibility of the surrounding capillaries. SPECIAL PRICE for the full face area – € 199 (instead of € 599).

      Effective – compared to other cosmetic treatments, these innovative microinjections act directly on the scalp (when being injected) and make the result obvious – regrowth, firming hair, reduced hair loss .
      The total amount of the product is distributed in one procedure – 1 ml! The amount of microinjections is critical to the effectiveness of the result.

      Special price offer, one procedure – 179 eur, instead of 210 eur.

      Purchasing a 4 procedure package, the price of one Dr. Cyj procedure is 150 euros. After completing the course, support procedures of 150 euros each.

      Improves overall hair condition by stopping cell death, stimulating microcirculation, creating a healthy scalp environment, stops hair loss and improves overall hair condition. Hair becomes noticeably thicker and stronger.
      Dr. Cyj hair filler with extended-action technology.
      Hair filler with high concentration of hyaluronic acid and peptides.

      Growth factors promote hair follicle growth. “Hair filler” complex revitalizes hair follicles, influences follicle growth and stops hair loss.

      Read more about the procedure at: Hair Loss – Dr. Cyj hair filler: the world’s first hair filler


      Symmetrical, proportional and fluffy lips are always considered a symbol of youth, beauty and health. Lip injections are an effective solution to increase volume, correct shape, or stop aging.
      Shape your cheeks and increase the volume with hyaluronic acid injections – an exclusive, proper shape for you!

      Botulinum toxin A is purified from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Era Esthetic clinics use the world’s most popular face mimic wrinkle reduction products with a natural-looking effect – Wistel, Allergan Pharmaceuticals (Irvine, California, USA). It is a botulinum toxin A in a complex whose molecular weight ensures reduced diffusion of the preparation. And that means accurate, predictable results, longer lasting effects, more natural, non-shackled facial expression.

      * Promotions are not valid for Aquashine, Prostrolane procedures.


      Have you long dreamed of plump, more moisturized lips? Because symmetrical, proportional and fluffy lips are always considered a symbol of youth, beauty and health.
      With the next generation of biomimetic peptides and higher concentrations of hyaluronic acid – Revofil Fine, we will form the lip shape that suits your face!

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