Gold standards

      Relying on the extensive experience and professional skills, highly qualified specialists of Laser Dermatology Clinic Era Esthetic work with laser technology recognized worldwide. Therefore, Laser Dermatology Clinic Era Esthetic offers you only the best!

      GentleLase PRO | GentleMax PRO | GentleYag PRO lasers

      The GentleLase Alexandrite laser is the most powerful (up to 150 J/cm2) of any of the hair removal lasers in medical use today.

      VBeam Perfecta laser

      The Vbeam Perfecta pulsed dye laser is considered the ‘gold standard’ for the treatment of vascular lesions and one of the most valued in the world.

      Fraxel DUAL laser

      Double-action fractional laser Fraxel DUAL is considered the ‘gold standard’ for the rejuvenation of face and body skin.

      Thermage CPT system

      Thermage CPT – is the latest third-generation non-surgical radio frequency therapy. It helps to rejuvenate and firm up your skin of your face and body, highlighting the contours of the skin and is also used for the treatment of cellulite.

      VelaShape III

      VelaShape III is a great, non-surgical response to problematic areas damaged by cellulite. Unique, easy to use, convenient and comfortable for a patient; it is a deep therapeutic treatment which helps to achieve consistently excellent clinical results

      Omnilux light therapy

      Omnilux Medical – light-emitting diodes and a wide range of lasers. Omnilux is used for effective treatment of acne of both light and heavy – cystic forms.


      Hydrafacial MD™ – is a patented non-invasive skin care technology for skin rejuvenation, deep cleansing and moisturising; in the contemporary aesthetic cosmetology it is called "all-inclusive".

      CO2RE fractional laser

      That is the only CO2 laser with as many as seven treatment options, out of which even 5 are designed for fractional skin rejuvenation variations, therefore the most complex skin problems can be solved.

      Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

      INTRACEUTICALS is a unique face care concept using oxygen that has made a breakthrough in the global beauty industry. This is one of the most popular facial therapies around the globe.

      Soprano ICE laser

      Soprano ICE laser – is a golden standard for laser depilation, which in Aesthetic Awards of 2012-2013 won the GOLD award for the best body treatment being the only truly pain-free laser hair removal that can treat all hair types.

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