Cellulite removal

      Cellulite removal methods

      Cellulite is one of women’s most common companions which every woman wants to get rid of. Cellulite occurs in 30 year old women and progresses slowly if no measures against cellulite are taken. Cellulite is structural accumulation of fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue which has an “orange peel” look externally. Cellulite is most often found in thigh and buttock areas; however, depending on the person’s somatotype, it may occur in any part of the body which has an adipose tissue, namely chest, waist, upper arm areas.

      We will suggest several efficient measures applied at Era Esthetic clinic for cellulite treatment for effective results.

      Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment:

      Mesotherapy includes the selection of specific active ingredient cocktails depending on the type of cellulite to improve microcirculation, increase lipolysis – breaking down of fats, improve fluid retention, and skin appearance. Treatment includes a course of 6-10 procedures once a week. At Era Esthetic laser dermatology clinic mesotherapy is performed by a licences beauty specialist and aesthetic medicine dermatologists. For more information on this cellulite removal method read – mesotherapy for cellulite removal.

      Lymphatic drainage massage for removing cellulite:

      Lymphatic drainage at Era Esthetic clinic is performed by a new 12-chamber full-body system made in the US, which is particularly suitable in the case of lymphostasis and fluid retention. The procedure includes a full-body lymphatic drainage massage, removes retained bodily fluids, improves blood flow and general well-being. Fore more about the system read – lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite by using lymphatic drainage compressionsystem Lympha Press Optimal 1201.

      Anti-cellulite massage:

      Era Esthetic offers a new anti-cellulite massage VelaShape III for reducing body size. It is the most popular anti-cellulite massage in the world! During VelaShape III procedure, the body is affected by 4 technologies: 1) Infra-red rays which warm tissues of up to 3 mm deep; 2) Bipolar radio waves penetrating up to 15 mm deep; 3) Pulse vacuum; and 4) A special mechanical massage. The procedure will make you feel comfortable warmth, similar to that of a stone massage, and will remove cellulite as well as reduce body size and smooth out the skin. The clinical effectiveness of the procedure is visible after 4-6 procedures with 1.27cm – 7.62 cm reductions! For more information on this cellulite removal method read – anti-cellulite massage VelaShape III.

      Thermage CPT for cellulite removal:

      Thermage CPT is a completely new technology which removes cellulite after only ONE procedure. Patented radio waves remove cellulite and tighten up the loose skin. For more on cellulite removal by Thermage CPT system read – Skin tightening by Thermage CPT.

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