“I put all my effort into striving to make You feel great. Due to the fact that my leisure time has turned into my work, it has become meaningful to me. I consider my job a wonderful opportunity to take care of You, Your health and beauty. Your smiles make me feel warm, stimulate my creative abilities, give me strength, and inspire me to further effort and development.”

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      Jurgita Stoskiene

      Doctor dermatovenerologist - trichologist

      A member of the Lithuanian Medical Union, the Lithuanian Society of Dermatovenerology, and the Lithuanian Society of Laser Medicine.

      Annual internships and training courses in Frankfurt (Germany), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Riga (Latvia), Venice (Italy), Instanbul (Turkey), St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi (Russia).

      Certified by the French Society of Mesotherapy.

      Certified IPSEN aesthetics trainer.

      Certified MERZ AESTHETICS trainer.

      Every year attends various scientific and practical conferences, seminars, lector at scientific conferences, international aesthetics Anti-Aging Medical Congresses in Monaco, author of many articles of anti-aging, laser dermatology, injection methodologies, gained over 100 scientific, practical certificates in qualification of dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Pioneer of 12 gold standard* technologies in aesthetic dermatology in Lithuania.

      *Universally recognized as the most effective or leading technology in performing procedures, treatments.

      ERA ESTHETIC medical director, COO – 15 years, from the establishment of the Era Esthetic Group.


      Aesthetic and laser dermatology, laser surgery, injection contouring, botulinum injections in full face harmonization, anti-aging trichology, androgenetic alopecia, the importance of thyroid problems in trichology, the importance of lifestyle, food supplements in anti-aging.

      Since 2008

      A dermatovenerology doctor in Era Esthetic laser dermatology clinic.
      A dermatovenerology doctor in Diagnostics Department of Public Institution Centro Poliklinika (Vilnius).

      From 2019

      Ipsen Aesthetics Coach.


      Graduated from the trichology qualification course in St. Petersburg.

      2007 - 2008

      A dermatovenerology doctor in Vilnius Centre of laser dermatology.

      2003 - 2007

      Dermatovenerology residency in the Centre of Dermatovenerology of Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Klinikos.

      2002 - 2003

      Residency of a medical doctor in Vilnius University Hospitals.

      2002 - 2003

      Medical practical training as a dermatoscopist.


      Graduated from Vilnius University, the Faculty of Medicine, and acquired the qualification of a medical doctor.

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