"Ex parvis saepe magnarum rerum momenta pendent"

Events of great consequence often spring from trifling circumstances



Laser dermatology

Hair removal with Alexandrite laser GentleLase Pro and GentleMax Pro

DISCOUNTS UP TO 100% on acquiring procedure packages – you will remove hair from one of the most popular areas for FREE, also GIFTS will be waiting for you!


Perform laser hair removal on the BACK (145 €) and SHOLDERS (74 €), and remove hair for FREE in ARMPIT area (79 €).

Perform laser hair removal on CHEST (84 €) and ABDOMEN (80 €) area, and remove hair in ARMPIT area (79 €) for FREE.

Other special offers & GIFTS (without acquiring the hair removal packages)

The first hair removal procedure is subject to a 25% discount (this discount does not apply to hair removal packages).

Value of Loyalty Cards:

  • a Golden Loyalty Card as a GIFT with 20% discount on all the course of procedures when performing hair removal in 3 areas;
  • a Platinum Loyalty Card as a GIFT with 25% discount on all the course of procedures when performing hair removal in 4 or more areas.

The terms of promotional packages apply to all the course of 4 – 6 procedures. The prices quoted are for one procedure.

15, 20, 25% discounts of Loyalty Cards of Era Esthetic clinic services will apply to ALL other laser procedures also.

Additional value – 15, 20, 25% discounts on professional cosmetics of Era Esthetic Professional Aesthetic and Medical Company when purchasing cosmetics at Era Esthetic clinics in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda and Era Esthetic shopping hall in Vilnius Akropolis. *Discounts don’t sum up.

Note: Discounts on different promotions and loyalty cards do not sum up.

Era Aesthetic dermatologists and beauty therapists are the first in Lithuania to start the hair removal with Alexandrite laser, the greatest experience – 12 years, reliability and efficiency of procedures for you!

Best price guarantee!

* If you are offered lower prices for hair removal with ALEXANDRITO GentleLase Pro and GentleMax Pro lasers, we will apply the lower price you were offered. It is IMPORTANT that the procedures were performed with the same technology / laser version as at our clinics.


SALE Perform laser hair removal in BIKINI area (80 € Classic / 100 € Brazilian) and remove hair in the 80 € Classic / 100 € Brazilian Remove hair in the ARMPIT area for FREE during the first procedure, and 50% of discount for the next hair removal procedures in the armpits area.
SALE Perform laser hair removal in LEGS area (includes: thighs, knees, shins, toes)  220 € Optional laser hair removal in BIKINI Classic / Brazilian or ARMPIT areas will be for FREEThe GIFT – laser depilation for upper lip or chin area.
SALE Perform laser hair removal in SHINS area and BIKINI Classic / Brazilian area SHINS area 100 €
BIKINI Classic / Brazilian 80-100 €
Hair removal of ARMPIT for FREE.
SALE Perform laser hair removal in LEGS area (includes: thighs, knees, shins, toes), BIKINI Classic / Brazilian area and ARMPIT hair removal 379 – 399 €
259 €
Laser depilation for the upper lip or chin and a Platinum Loyalty Card with a 25% discount on the following additional areas. The discount also applies to ALL laser procedures performed at the clinic.
SALE Perform laser hair removal for BIKINI Classic / Brazilian or ARMPIT area BIKINI Classic / Brazilian 80-100 €
Get optional hair removal procedure for up to 49 € for FREE.
Remove hair in the facial area 35-59 € GOLDEN LOYALTY CARD that will give you 20% DISCOUNT on hair removal and other laser procedurers performed at the clinic!


Laser removal of pigment spots

Laser removal of warts

Laser moles removal

If removing more than 10, a discount of 30% is granted!

Fractional skin renewal with Fraxel Dual laser

* Lower prices on course of procedures + latest version of FRAXEL DUAL 1550/1927 – effect of two lasers during one procedure. With the 1550 it increases skin firmness, elasticity, shrinkage of skin pores, corrects scars, smoothes skin surface, lines, wrinkles. 1927 improves the appearance of the skin: promotes structural regeneration of the surface layer, smoothes skin color, removes pigmentation.

* The prices quoted for one procedure with the purchase of a 3 procedures package.

* PRP PLASMOLIFTING (the patient’s blood plasma is used) – enhances the effect of Fraxel Dual treatments. During the Fraxel Dual procedure – PRP therapy in one selected area of the body: face, neck, decollete, hands ONLY 170 €, instead of the regular 235 € price. Save!

* To enhance the effect of Fraxel Dual fractional rejuvenation, to loosen fine wrinkles, to strengthen the skin more intensively, we offer the FRAKTOX combined treatment, which is a laser rejuvenation + botulinum toxin, when the preparation is dispensed by a special “pouring” technique (no needle technique). The price of FRAKTOX depends on the area of the face where the preparation will be dispensed, 100 – 200 €.





Hair removal GentleMax Pro laser

Treatment of vascular lesions

Laser scar removal

20% discount is applied for a scar larger than 5 cm², 30% discount is applied for a scar larger than 10 cm².

Fractional skin resurfacing with CO2RE laser


Acne light treatment

Removal of stretch marks by laser treatment

Era Esthetic Laser Dermatology Clinic has prepared a three special offers fot stretch marks removal: palm-sized area (130 cm² even!)

Nail fungus treatment

Aesthetic dermatology

Prostrolane Inner B preparations for injection lipolysis


GentleMax Pro express skin renewal with laser

“Express” skin renewal the best prices, discounts to 30% 

*To achieve the most effective result of the skin renewal, recommended 3-5 course procedures, be applied for a 2-4 week interval.

3D facial skin restoration with collagen

In one procedure, the product is injected in to three areas: face, neck, décolleté!

Complete facial and body rejuvenation using Etwo technology

Special offers for all face Sublime + Sublative

We offer special price for whole face area Sublative + Sublime: 499 € instead of 650 €!
Special price for 3 procedures of whole face area Sublative + Sublime: 1100 € instead of 1650 €. Save 550 €!

PRP PLAZMOLIFTING (used in patient’s blood plasma) – enhances the effects of Sublative (fractional skin renewal) procedures. During the Etwo Sublative procedure – PRP therapy in one selected body area: face, neck, decollete ONLY 170 EUR instead of the usual 235 EUR price.

Non-surgical skin lifting Thermage CPT

NON-SURGICAL SKIN LIFTING at Era Esthetic AVENUE clinics in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. Thermolifting procedure is an alternative to plastic surgery, the effect of facelift can last up to 3-5 years, depending on the physiological properties of the body. Dreaming of looking younger, but hesitant to have surgery? The solution is already there. SAVE when buying packages: 1. face, eye area and chin 1969 € instead of 3100 €, 2. face and neck 2300 €, instead of 3290 € , 3. face, eye area, neck and neckline 2799 , instead of 4229 € , 4. upper and lower eyelids, eye area, wrinkle correction of eye area 739 € instead of € 869 (save 169 €), lips and lip area 739 , instead of 869 € (save 130 €).

Acne scar treatment program

Lip enhancing

Hyaluronic acid injections

20% discount for the first procedure!

This special offer valid until 2019.03.31


Treatment of essential hyperhidrosis

Skin revitalization by platelet rich plasma

Botulinum toxin injections

First special offer:

  • 15% discount if you have procedures on three or more areas.

Second special offer:

  • 20% discount for the first procedure.

The second offer is valid until 2019.03.31

Radiesse injections

Labia correction using hyaluronic acid injections