GentleLase PRO | GentleMax PRO | GentleYag PRO lasers

      GentleLase PRO | GentleMax PRO | GentleYag PRO lasers, manufacturer. Syneron  Candela (USA-Israel)

      GentleLase Pro Alexandrite laser

      GentleLase Pro Alexandrite laser is considered the ‘gold standard’ for removing unwanted hair, and the latest version of GentleLase Alexandrite lasers by Syneron Candela (US/Israel) represents the first effective aesthetic medicine lasers designed to ensure long-term removal of unwanted hair, treatment of pigment spots and skin rejuvenation. All Syneron Candela lasers have been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

      The GentleLase Alexandrite laser is the most powerful (up to 150 J/cm2) of any of the hair removal lasers in medical use today. Alexandrite lasers emit 755 nm wavelengths, which are best absorbed by the melanin pigment that can be found in hair, skin and pigment spots. The combination of the required power and laser wavelength enables the laser to reach and destroy hair follicles in such a way that the hair does not regrow. Long-term removal of unwanted hair is achieved, pigmented lesions in the epidermis are corrected, and the skin of the face and body is rejuvenated.

      With the help of the latest improved Pro GentleLase pro laser, the procedures are performed quickly, while comfort is guaranteed by the DCD skin cooling system which is integrated into the laser, and the quality and results of the procedures exceed the expectations of not only our most demanding patients, but also Era Esthetic clinic’s therapists who work with this laser.

      GentleMax PRO laser

      At Era Esthetic laser dermatology clinic we use the latest generation GentleMax Pro laser by Syneron Candela, which is the only one of its kind in Lithuania. GentleMax Pro is the latest two-laser platform including a variety of treatment options, ranging from unwanted hair removal for all skin types to the treatment of pigment and vascular lesions. GentleMax PRO laser combines the fastest and most powerful GentleLase Pro Alexandrite laser (wavelength 755 nm) and GentleYAG Pro laser (wavelength 1064 nm).

      The smart GentleMax Pro has an innovative touchscreen where optimal treatment parameters are selected according to different criteria applied to patients and indications. The comfort of the procedures is guaranteed by a DCD skin cooling system integrated into the laser.

      GentleYAG PRO laser

      Syneron Candela (US/Israel) GentleYAG Pro laser is a high-power laser which emits light of one wavelength (1064 nm) and is used for hair removal (suitable for all skin types). GentleYAG laser is also used for skin rejuvenation and the correction of vascular irregularities.

      GentleYAG Pro is the product of high-end laser technology, and perfectly meets the needs of the most complex treatments, complying with safety requirements and helping us to achieve effective results. Before the procedures, power and performance parameters are set, enabling the modern laser system to eliminate one or another facial and body skin imperfection.

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