Thermage CPT system

      Facial and body lifting with Thermage CPT is performed on:

      1. Areas of the face:
      • Upper area of the face, forehead: eyebrows and forehead skin, area around the eyes are lifted.
      • Middle area of the face, cheeks: lifting, reduction in size of skin pores, smoothing puckers around the nose or lips.
      • Lower area of the face: firming of the shape of the face, its contours are restored, skin slackness below the lower jaw decreases, the jaw line becomes more even, double chins become smaller or disappear, the skin is lifted.
      1. Upper and lower eyelid areas: eyelids are lifted, the area around the eyes, wrinkles, bags under the eyes are smoothed out, loose skin of the eyelids and the upper cheek area is lifted and firmed.
      2. Neck area – reduction of neck folds, the skin is lifted and firmed.
      3. Body contouring, firming a flabby belly skin, in arms and legs areas, for saggy knees.
      4. Thermage CPT thermolifting is intended for cellulite treatment as well.
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